Mio Space

Freecomm M•IO:
your company in a unique web space

Taking a cue from what has been the smartphone for digital devices, a single object that encapsulates a phone, a camera, a computer, a music player, has created Retalco M•IO, all that is needed for a company to be present on the Internet:
a website, an online store, a blog, a business card ... all in one web space.


Mio Space

Your web site

With M•IO you will have a dynamic website updated in all its parts thanks to its simple and intuitive control panel. This will allow you to be able to keep both in content and graphics. M•IO offers many skin graphs that you can change whenever you like making your site ever again. A presentation of the company, a catalog, a space integrated with facebook news, a photo gallery, a map to reach you and much more.

Mio Space

Your on-line shop

The logic to sell online is no different from that of the traditional commerce: Open a shop, decorate it, bring customers.
And this is what we do for you, we take care of creating your own web store with the most advanced computer techniques, giving you the ability to change autonomously all pages of the store, create and edit the items in your catalog with a simple click.

Mio Space

Your business communication

M•IO provides you with a platform CMS (content management system) with which to manage the information related to your company. Thanks to the "Events/News" you warn your customers about past and future initiatives, creating interest about your business.

With the "Photo Gallery" you will have a photo album with which to communicate graphically what is happening around you.

If you want to talk to your customers, the Blog section will be the best system "Social" to advertise your company on the Internet.