What we do

The Group Retalco is in charge of projects for public and private companies through which distribute and sell products and services.

Over the years, the skills of the group have expanded to meet the changing needs of the market. We have created freecomm ®, a powerful and flexible tool that could meet all the needs of the market but we soon realized that this was not enough to get the best result. So we add services such as e-commerce Logistics & Marketing to close the circle.

Freecomm platform is the first and only platform Made in Italy that can compete with international ecommerce platforms, tapping on the level of flexibility and knowledge of the Italian market.
Encloses 7 patents that make it incredibly powerful and at the same time easy to use.
With freecomm you can sell both products and services, have up to 10 price level to build customer loyalty, having a different price list for each nation and manage up to 10 different languages. There is no limit to the items that you can load in your warehouse that can be managed through a simple and intuitive control panel. Freecomm communicates with the main price comparators, with social networks and is able to exchange data input and output with leading accounting programs.

The assistance to the stages of post-sale is not always necessary when users of the system are large companies that have structured their internal qualified staff who is dealing with, but when we had to deal with the world of small businesses, in some cases family, we realized that we needed to expand our services.
So we have started to provide a complete system to support online sales, we called LDB which is an abbreviation of the terms Logistics, Delivery and Banking. In a nutshell, we wanted that companies continue to focus on product development, leaving us with the task of doing everything else.

Retalco does not know how to make shoes or sofas. In a nutshell we can not replace the employer whose job is to create the best products: we have simply the best way to sell online!
In many cases, however, the mere presence on the network of an on-line store is not sufficient to ensure a constant and profitable sale to customers. The market of electronic commerce it is in fact a larger exponentially and with it the number of competitors with which to measure.
Companies that have a brand already known on which they have invested for years in promoting off-line are not obstacles in selling on-line, those which have never promoted its activities have great difficulty in accepting your own product to make internet surfers increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. For this we have developed new tools to promote innovative marketing companies in the digital market.

In the global market there is no room for improvisation. Large companies before entering into a new market are turning to specialized institutions in Brand Reputation in order to know what they think about the potential customers of their brand and if you are ready to buy their products. This analysis avoids companies to make risky investments or unproductive.
In the past these studies were the prerogative of only a few companies for times and costs. Today Retalco offers its customers a similar system and even more powerful to analyze international markets and identify the most compatible with the type of product you intend to sell. With time and costs significantly less.